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YouTube Channels allow people to talk about language learning as well as what they are doing and their experiences through videos. They are the closet we have to actual language television.
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90 Day Korean helps people learn Korean fast by providing fun, engaging Korean lessons and content to help new beginner and intermediate students study Korean.
Recently, I have launched a blog called RawLangs, where I post about languages and travelling. This is my YouTube channel, where I will post accompanying videos.
Member: Chris Parker
My mission with this channel is to make Chinese an easier language to learn and understand, by putting things to you simply, and save you time and confusion. Here you will find no-nonsense information about Chinese, to demystify the language; tips and lessons for learning Mandarin and Cantonese; answers to the questions you might have about learning Chinese; videos about Chinese history and culture and videos of me speaking Mandarin, Cantonese and other languages, so you can see how I'm getting on.
A mix of product reviews and favorite videos
Member: 康邁克
Glossika's speaking/listening training is made up of effective bilingual drills that help you learn effectively. Good for those who can't learn foreign languages or who need to learn a language quickly. Created by polyglot and linguist Mike Campbell.
Go Natural English gets your language skills out of the classroom and into real life. Finally get the language and skills you need to be a fluent English speaker and to listen to and understand what native English speakers say!
Welcome to International student life! This channel is devoted to learning and contains tips for international students, university students, and language learning tips.
The STUDENTESSA MATTA YOUTUBE CHANNEL features videos recorded in Italian by Melissa Muldoon, la studentessa matta. Melissa is the "crazy linguist". She has made learning Italian a lifestyle choice. The Studentessa Matta youtube channel, blog and podcast explore language & culture in a light & fun way, as well as provides language learning tips.
Member: Jana Fadness
Video collection of Jana Fadness
Member: Chris Huff
A place for Language Fans. Shared experiences in language learning. Videos on languages and language learning.
Member: Conor Clyne
Language Tsar is a YouTube channel committed to bringing you coverage of a wide range of topics on language learning, multilingualism and travel. My passion for learning languages and living a travel-intensive multilingual lifestyle has brought me into contact with fabulous cultures and fascinating people as well as enriching me with a plethora of rewarding experiences.
Learn and Memorize is a channel about using a Memory Palace method to mentally store and recall important information, particularly foreign language vocabulary. But whether it's a quick fact, a more complicated sequence of information or something as profound as a second or third language, a Memory Palace method is the way to go and Anthony Metivier is the world's leading expert on building them in an easy, effective and elegant way so that you can memorize and recall anything you want. Subscribe to the channel, enjoy the videos and send in any and all questions you have about using Memory Palaces to sharpen your mind.
I'm Lucrezia, a 22-year-old girl from Rome, Italy. Italian language, Italian culture, Italian lifestyle are the main topics of my videos. When I am particularly inspired I also make Italian recipes videos. Now it's time for you to jump right in and learn everything about Italy
Hey there! Thanks for coming to my Youtube channel. Here, I make videos about language learning and also some clips about my attempt to become famous in Vietnam!
Member: Lindsay Dow
Oh, hey! Bienvenue to Lindsay Does Languages - your first stop for language loving video awesomeness. I'm Lindsay and I do languages. Not in a Debbie Does Dallas kind of way. More in the sense that I share my language musings, language quests and everything else right here on YouTube for you lovely people. Enjoy!
Hello, everybody. My name is Luca and I'm from Italy. This channel is dedicated to my greatest passion -- languages. I've been studying languages for about 20 years and a few years ago I reached a very important conclusion: languages cannot be taught; they can only be learned.
Member: Mira Bai
My name is Mira Bai and I am from Kazakhstan, country of central Asia. I'm telling about my experience how i learn english in short time.
Member: Simon Ager
This is a collection of videos I've made or which I like. My own videos include animations made with Xtranormal - mostly short conversations in a variety of languages which I made to practise using those languages. Many of them are rather silly, which makes them more fun and memorable.
My name is Jonis, Albanian polyglot-to-be, and this channel is dedicated to those who want to learn Albanian in a short time, no matter what their Albanian level is. This is a personal initiative based on a new method of learning Albanian, different from classical methods - it is based on my own language learning experience, and it aims at providing confidence when speaking or using Albanian.
Social change through art. Dreadlocks. Tattoos and more. I am an artist and print graphic designer currently in Wyoming and from South Dakota. I paint, teach art, fight against human trafficking, love working with people in need and am obsessed with India
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