The Digital Language Collective is a place where language and linguistic bloggers and website builders can come together to discuss topics, strategies, technologies, and essentially learn and work with each other to promote a broader and richer language learning community.
Websites give people a chance to work with languages more interactively. They can also be used to promote language learning teachers, communities, and resources.


Member: Brian Kwong
The Add1Challenge is a private community of passionate language learners who have overcome shyness, gained consistent motivation, and even landed jobs in their new language. Learning together is better than learning alone.
90 Day Korean helps people learn Korean fast by providing fun, engaging Korean lessons and content to help new beginner and intermediate students study Korean. We focus mainly on beginners starting from square one, advocating the need to learn the Korean alphabet before beginning on a quest to tackle the Korean language.
Professional Online English Teacher with 8 years of, teaching English and German -both online and offline- to people of different ages and backgrounds.
Unlimited One-on-one Spanish tutoring with professional teachers for $99 a month.
Bilingua is your language exchange & learning companion. It connects you with other users who are fluent in a language you are learning, and makes sure to match you based on similar interests or personalities.
Member: Sabrina Rose
Sound more fluent and speak confidently with native English speakers. Start your online English classes with Sabrina today!
Member: Luisa Obinu
Empowered by Languages answers to the constant demand of foreign language speakers, by motivating people to learn foreign languages and encourage them to take a step that could significantly change their lives.
Member: Lisa Biskup
We create products that help you to improve your English so that you can speak, read, and write excellent English with confidence and ease. Yes you can!
Parce que la vie n'est ni doublée, ni sous-titrée, on a inventé EngliSHip, table de conversation en anglais sur un bateau, à Bordeaux
EuropeOnline is online language school that gets you speaking a language you want from day one.
Daily vocabulary lessons. Free articles and exercises to learn French.
GamesforLanguage's online courses for grown-ups use a travel story with easy games to make language learning and practicing fun.We currently offer French, German, Italian, Spanish and Inglés, together with over 120 Quick Games and Podcasts of the courses.
Glossika's speaking/listening training is made up of effective bilingual drills that help you learn effectively. Good for those who can't learn foreign languages or who need to learn a language quickly.
Short stories in Spanish you can listen to and read to improve your Spanish.
The hub of Joe's language shack, created to help others who are, or want to tread the 'polyglot path'. Or even just want to learn a new language.
Foreign Languages - Culture Heritage & Management - History
Language portal with links to resources in many languages.
Member: Gary McCann
The Language Learning Library is a place to find, share, rate and review language learning resources.
"We're the first language learning program that adapts to every user. We dynamically select content based on your personal interests and proficiencies. "
Member: Evgenia Ka
Language Heroes are people who have set a goal: to learn a foreign language! We come together in a community to learn more in 12 weeks than you have in 12 months.
Member: Elson Farka
With Learn Albanian Online you will receive a comprehensive Albanian language lesson formulated for Beginner, Intermediate and Advance level students.
Member: Ádám Young
Welcome to Learn Amharic!, a site where you can learn Amharic online for free. You can start learning from scratch or use this site to build on your existing knowledge.
This page to help those who want to learn Polish in an easy way and interesting way. You can learn to speak by listening to stories and watching videos.
Learn With Oliver offers innovative audio flashcards for words and sentences for 20 languages. Sign up today and start learning!
This free language website is accessible through the Internet and free to anyone who needs to learn a language. Our students are refugees, volunteers, pupils, professionals, athletes, vacationers and students studying a new language.
Whether you're looking to study a foreign language, get a translation, or convert your resume (C.V) to a different countries' format or get a language assessment, you've come to the right place!
The Magnetic Memory Method is an elegant, effective and fun approach to using Memory Palaces, mnemonics and other memory techniques to store and retrieve foreign language vocabulary and virtually anything else you can dream of.
Member: Jimmy Mello
"The best method ever created. Mello Method is the best method to teach and learn languages. You can have your own school using it."
Member: Idahosa Ness
The Mimic Method is a language learning approach with one simple principle: Language is acquired through mimicry.
Member: Jimmy Mello
What if you could find everything organised in one place: Famous Polyglots, Tips and Tricks, Free Language Courses, Video Interviews and much, much more. This is My Polyglot TV, the first TV created for the Polyglot Community.
Member: Jimmy Mello
Now you can learn and train languages with News in Slow Languages
Parleremo is a language learning web site and online community. Free to any who wish to learn about languages and cultures, Parleremo uses a mixture of static and interactive resources as well as peer to peer sharing of knowledge and experience.
A website for learners of English where you can read clear explanations of English grammar points, and practise with lots of exercises.
A site focused on providing short, comprehensible, and quirky stories in Spanish to promote acquisition through input.
Member: Steve Ridout
The online eReader for language learners. Read your favorite webpages, translate the words you don't know, and we'll generate flashcards to help you remember.
Your 1-hour roadmap for figuring out your life goals, accomplishing them, and managing bumps in the road along the way.
This Polish site is a mix of things, including a webstore, where you can buy polyglot books in Polish, video and audio courses on language learning, and a place to reserve positions for our workshops organized in Polish.
We are committed to fostering communication across cultures within our community. In addition to working with local individuals and businesses, we also help clients from all over the world achieve their language goals.
Spanish Documentary, coming soon
Mnóstwo pomysłów jak mądrze wykorzystać technolgię w edukacji.
Helping you learn a language no matter what language course or method you're using.