Podcasts are the audio outlet of the internet, and these podcasts are like blog posts, with the same kind of topics, but you listen instead of read.
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Member: Cher Hale
Boost your confidence in speaking Italian in 30 minutes or less with the 30 Minute Italian Podcast. We cover expressions, sometimes sexy grammar, and culture through personal travel stories and detailed examples.
The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is your portal to creating Memory Palaces and using mnemonics for memorizing foreign language vocabulary (and a lot of other precious information too). Hosted by Anthony Metivier, the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun.
A little podcast featuring tips, talk and interviews from the Fluent Language Blog at www.fluentlanguage.co.uk
Member: Lisa Biskup
The English Fluency Now podcast will help you become fluent in English by providing you with interesting and timely podcast episodes in authentic, modern, intelligent American English.
Are you already fluent in German but you still come across tricky phrases and expressions that can't be translated literally? In this podcast Kirsten Winkler explains popular German sayings, idioms and expressions that are used in everyday conversations. Brush up your German with Sprichwörtlich Deutsch.
Here you'll find the MP3 audios of the six levels of each of our 36 lesson language courses. "The Story" in each language depicts the experiences of a young man as he travels through France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
Go Natural English helps you improve your English listening skills and reach fluency. The podcast will benefit intermediate to advanced learners most.
Learning a new language? Get your language learning questions answered by polyglot Olly Richards, who speaks 8 languages and runs the popular blog - I Will Teach You A Language. Whatever's holding you back on the path to fluency, tune in twice a week to get your regular dose of language learning motivation, with Olly and other polyglot guests, such as Benny Lewis, Luca Lampariello, Richard Simcott and Alex Rawlings. Learn Spanish, Learn French, Learn German, Learn Italian, Learn Portuguese, Learn Arabic, Learn Japanese, Learn Chinese
Learn Real Polish Podcast is for everyone who wants to improve their Polish speaking and listening skills using theories of learning languages from Dr. Steven Krashen and Dr. James Asher.
Member: Jimmy Mello
My polyglot will take the interview to the next level, polyglots will be invited to use their target languages.
Tutti Matti per l'Italiano! - Italian Podcast - Improve Italian language skills with this podcast that is presented in Italian and features stories, clips & conversations with native Italian speakers. It explores all aspects of Italian culture, music and current events as well as language learning tips. Parliamo e ascoltiamo la lingua poetica with Melissa la studentessa matta.
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