Blogs are the modern way of telling the world in depth about what you are doing and thinking. These blogs are related to languages, covering a range of topics like learning, teaching, traveling, and personal experiences.
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Language learning and travel blog by Alex Rawlings "Britain's most multilingual student". Tips, advice and stories to help you with your language learning journey.
Let's talk about foreign languages and cultures together! Get language learning tips, tricks, tools, videos, news, materials and so on to become fluent in no time!
Writing…in languages other than my own. This blog is strictly for writing practice only in the languages I'm studying.
There is the blog for Sekrety Poliglotów where we add articles on language learning and promote interesting events in Poland.
Member: Kyle Balmer
Sensible Chinese (formerly Hanzi WallChart) is a Chinese language learning blog.
87 is all about helping you learn Spanish faster and more efficiently. Inside the vault, you'll find tips, resources, and inspiration.
Member: Adam Kotala
Visit our website and find out the easiest way to learn the foreign language plus read some interesting facts about your dream country!
Speaking Fluently offers you the chance to read about language learning tips and stories.
Exploring life in Italy & flexing Italian language skills one blog at a time (by a crazy language student).
This is where business ideas and love of language come together, I am glad to have the opportunity to share advice, experiences, and training with other language professionals.
Member: Alex Gentry
Mission: To aid everyone working on their language voyage in making their own path and taking charge for their own language learning.
Welcome to the Polyglot Dream. Here I'll share strategies to help you speak a foreign language fluently without taking a traditional language class and I'll show you how to develop a language core.
A linguist-by-hobby's outlet for thoughts, as well as news, about learning languages in the age of the Internet and the language learning community.
Polyglot, mnemonist and avid learner of about everything. Obsessed with making learning easier and faster. On the never-ending quest for perfect recall.
Member: Ofer Tirosh
Tomedes Smart Human Translation is a leading global translation service for businesses and companies all over the world.
Member: Elica Sue
An American college student studying Spanish and Portuguese who loves to travel and eat weird and new foods.
L'Unifianti e un lenguaj internacional auxilier i un comunitad global por l'intercambi d'ideas, l'art, le poesi, le cienza, le problemas global, i le filosofi. Vous potem parlar con popul di varie linhajes qi tambe sabem un lenguaj romanic. Visitai le conexios a le destro por resurses in vosre lenguaj. Merci!
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