Blogs are the modern way of telling the world in depth about what you are doing and thinking. These blogs are related to languages, covering a range of topics like learning, teaching, traveling, and personal experiences.
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The adventures of a Chilean Historian understanding Polish language and culture... and more!
A blog dedicated to the wonders, big and small, of Australian writing.
Member: Kuba Wysocki
I'm inviting you to see what's going on on my blog! It's all about languages and language-like topics, but this, inevitably, brings us to life. Enjoy!
I love to learn languages and teach about learning languages and about cultures. This blog conveys my thoughts about the whys and hows of language-learning.
Member: Goli Dahesh
A blog of a bilingual, coffee-drinking mum showcasing her love of languages and her journey into becoming a polyglot.
Polyglot activist for indigenous people's rights.
Member: Idahosa Ness
The Mimic Method Language Blog covers topics from second language acquisition, to music cognition, to tips for learning Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and other languages.
"​I spend the day delightedly climbing atop cracked giant slabs of former glory, crawling around the ruined towers, and peering underneath shattered and lichen-encrusted paving material. The sun..."
Máirín is a polyglot from Scotland & writes about her experiences and gives advice in this language learning & travel blog.She has a special interest in minority languages. She sometimes writes posts in other languages as well as English.
This blog is for anyone interested in learning languages, no matter what level you're at. We write about both general language learning tips and techniques, and those specific to Vietnamese.
The globe-trotting adventures of a petite, polyglottal American.
Member: Jimmy Mello
My polyglot will take the interview to the next level, polyglots will be invited to use their target languages.
Member: Teddy Nee
Here is my language website where I write about my language learning experience.
Member: Sydney Sauer
This site is a pastime and resource for language lovers who aren't quite confident enough to call themselves a polyglot yet. It's for the polyglots in training
This blog was created for the number of reasons. First of all, to share my own experience in discovering things. Secondly, to practice languages. And finally, to meet interesting people.
Polyglot Nerd is a blog I write in Portuguese, Spanish and English to give tips, meet people interested in language learning and to be my own source of motivation.
Member: Robin Turtle
A blog about languages, multilingual living and cultural diversity
Blog where all Portuguese learners in the world can have access to unique language resources.
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