Blogs are the modern way of telling the world in depth about what you are doing and thinking. These blogs are related to languages, covering a range of topics like learning, teaching, traveling, and personal experiences.
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Member: Gary McCann
General language learning post with hints, tips and tutorials on various languages and language learning in general.
Tips, tools & tech to learn languages the fun way with John Fotheringham. The Language Mastery blog, podcast, and language guides provide the tips, tools, tech, and inspiration adult learners need to acquire foreign languages
Tips and techniques for learning foreign languages.
Member: Conor Clyne
Language Tsar is a website committed to bringing you coverage of a wide range of topics on language learning, multilingualism and travel. My passion for learning languages and living a travel-intensive multilingual lifestyle has brought me into contact with fabulous cultures and fascinating people as well as enriching me with a plethora of rewarding experiences.
"The future of language learning."
Member: Brian Powers
Welcome to Languages Around the Globe, your blog and social media community for language learning tips, tricks, news and cultural awareness. LATG provides detailed product reviews of various language learning products, services and strategies. Includes a job board for people looking or offering jobs in the language or related industries.
Member: Guy Bar Ner
This blog is for everyone who loves Languages, Games, and Science (shocking, right?). We deal with languages as part of our work at Immersia. We read a lot about these subjects and sometimes even come up with a fresh idea of our own. If you're learning a new language, teaching one, or if you're a pioneer of games in education – you'll find some nice reads in this blog.
If you're learning English & wonder what would make your learning faster & more efficient; How to not forget vocabulary etc, then, Learn it creatively!
I wanted to start this blog because I'm sure there is someone out there who wants to learn Italian :) The aim of this blog is to let people discover the beauty of Italian language and also culture and lifestyle "nel bel paese".
This blog is about language learning in general and about the language learning company Learn With Oliver.
Member: Judith Meyer helps you learn languages. It's a hub for language courses and language-learning advice.
This is my blog where I am writing about my struggles with language learning.
Blog of italki teacher about the challenges of learning a language.
Member: Lindsay Dow
Lindsay Does Languages offers private language tuition via Skype. Lessons are open to all ages and abilities - despite what you may think, you're never too young or too old to start learning a language.
56 is all about the art of learning languages. Learn how to learn and dramatically improve your foreign language acquisition ability.
This free language website is accessible through the Internet and free to anyone who needs to learn a language. Our students are refugees, volunteers, pupils, professionals, athletes, vacationers and students studying a new language.
A translator's journey - posting on things that I learn, experience and discover along the way.
Bringing you the best and fastest method for learning a language and take your business to the next level!
A brand new way to learn a language. We are a multi-lingual team with a passion for languages, and we speak more than 17 of them between us!
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