The Digital Language Collective is a place where language and linguistic bloggers and website builders can come together to discuss topics, strategies, technologies, and essentially learn and work with each other to promote a broader and richer language learning community.
Blogs are the modern way of telling the world in depth about what you are doing and thinking. These blogs are related to languages, covering a range of topics like learning, teaching, traveling, and personal experiences.


5-minute language is a project that aims to help busy people learn languages in a hassle-free way.
90 Day Korean helps people learn Korean fast by providing fun, engaging Korean lessons and content to help new beginner and intermediate students study Korean. We focus mainly on beginners starting from square one, advocating the need to learn the Korean alphabet before beginning on a quest to tackle the Korean language.
What happens when you jump into a language with both feet without any idea of HOW or WHY you are learning? Let's see...
Member: Rensa Gaunt
A blog about a year abroad in Belgium and Austria and writings about languages, life and thoughts of interest.
A Woman Learning Thai: For your daily fix of Thai learning resources (free and more).
An American girl's island-hopping, tallow-tasting, party-crawling, tongue-twisting and sheep-stalking attempts to understand what it means to be Faroese.
Member: Jana Fadness
Follow me on my quest to see the world, understand its cultures and learn as many of its languages as possible! Through my stories, I'm trying to inspire people to be themselves, to follow their dreams, and to live life to its fullest.
If you need help with learning German, doing business in German, having your website translated into German or need somebody to make some phonecalls in German - I can help.
I'm an English teacher from Russia passionate about learning and teaching foreign languages.
Member: Alex Foreman
A blog about translating, poetry, and translating poetry.
Member: Jimmy Mello
Blog of Jimmy Mello, the inventor of the Mello Method, a revolutionary approach to language learning and language teaching.
Breaking down barriers in language learning is a simple Guide. Languages can open doors to develop a new language and Exchange information over languages.
Member: Sabrina Rose
Conversational American English for ambitious, open-minded professionals who want to finally really speak English.
A Spanish webpage which shows how to learn any language with only free internet resources
A bilingual blog about language and languages
Member: Lisa Biskup
We create products that help you to improve your English so that you can speak, read, and write excellent English with confidence and ease. Yes you can!
Du suchst Informationen rund um das Thema Sprachenlernen? Du möchtest motiviert und mit Spaß eine Fremdsprache lernen? Hier sind die Infos!
Language, travel, and life after university. Read about my adventures here.
Fair Languages is a source for trends, tips, resources and information for language learners and teachers & tutors. Fair Languages’ mission is to offer guidance and product reviews for self-learners and professionals who want to offer new ways of learning to their students.
Member: Benny Lewis
Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn new languages to fluency
Member: Chris Parker is a website for learners of Mandarin Chinese. The purpose of the site is to provide advice, tips and resources for anybody studying and learning Chinese. It also tells stories and experiences of Chinese learners.
Fluent Language is a website dedicated to helping you learn any language through great blog articles and books.
Member: Aaron Posehn
For the Love of Languages is a website dedicated to providing ideas and suggestions for how to effectively learn foreign languages.
Member: Tetsu Yung
Fun, effortless, and effective methods for acquiring new languages, original and practical advice for raising multilingual children, extraordinary and unconventional ideas for using linguistic skills to achieve career success, and much more!
We blog about languages, language learning, games, travels, and culture
Go Natural English is about empowerment and progress through English. Through Go Natural English lessons, Gabby gives insights and secrets to learning that no other English site does.
This blog is for fun to keep track of my journal entries while I learn Hindi
How to get fluent exists to help you get fluent in a foreign language with maximum efficiency and maximum enjoyment.
Member: Bill Price
Language learning advice, tips, and tricks for the self learner.
Member: Dani Maizner
This blog is dedicated to my passion for languages and I want it to be platform to exchange ideas, knowledge and inspiration. I want to share my experience, ideas, interesting facts about language but also just resources I come across and I would love to see you adding your personal thoughts and tips.
If you've ever asked yourself: What's the best way to become fluent in a foreign language? How come some people learn languages so easily but I can't? You've found the right place!
Member: Cher Hale
The Iceberg Project is based on the theory that most of what you learn about culture when visiting a new country without speaking the language is just the tip of the iceberg.
Member: Luca Toma
The only method for learning Japanese that adapts to your learning style making it easier to absorb, fun to do and with long-lasting results.
Member: Khady Ndoye
Blog covering language meetup groups, apps for learning African languages, and feature interviews with people who are learning African languages.
Member: Amy Estrada
Language Boat is a blog about language learning in natural environments. Here you will find my personal narrative about my own language learning experiences, in addition to tips, ideas, technical stuff like grammar, pronunciation, etc., cultural observations, and language resources.
Member: Irina Pravet
Language Catalyst is a language coaching business & blog about life, language and people, in Finland & beyond.
The focus of this blog is language education. It covers topics such as study abroad, formal classes, motivation and identity in second language.
Member: Chris Huff is a place to improve your proficiency, get updates on the latest methods, share your language-learning story, enjoy entertaining, informative content, and connect with the world of polyglots
This is Language Hero, the website and community designed to help monolingual English speakers transform their lives and change the world through language learning. We believe that human connection is one of the most potent forces in the universe, and that human language holds the key to unlocking that force.
Step by step, Language in Bloom shows you how to develop your very own customized language learning system.
Member: Gary McCann
General language learning post with hints, tips and tutorials on various languages and language learning in general.
Tips, tools & tech to learn languages the fun way with John Fotheringham. The Language Mastery blog, podcast, and language guides provide the tips, tools, tech, and inspiration adult learners need to acquire foreign languages
Tips and techniques for learning foreign languages.
Member: Conor Clyne
Language Tsar is a website committed to bringing you coverage of a wide range of topics on language learning, multilingualism and travel. My passion for learning languages and living a travel-intensive multilingual lifestyle has brought me into contact with fabulous cultures and fascinating people as well as enriching me with a plethora of rewarding experiences.
"The future of language learning."
Member: Brian Powers
Welcome to Languages Around the Globe, your blog and social media community for language learning tips, tricks, news and cultural awareness. LATG provides detailed product reviews of various language learning products, services and strategies. Includes a job board for people looking or offering jobs in the language or related industries.
Member: Guy Bar Ner
This blog is for everyone who loves Languages, Games, and Science (shocking, right?). We deal with languages as part of our work at Immersia. We read a lot about these subjects and sometimes even come up with a fresh idea of our own. If you're learning a new language, teaching one, or if you're a pioneer of games in education – you'll find some nice reads in this blog.
If you're learning English & wonder what would make your learning faster & more efficient; How to not forget vocabulary etc, then, Learn it creatively!
I wanted to start this blog because I'm sure there is someone out there who wants to learn Italian :) The aim of this blog is to let people discover the beauty of Italian language and also culture and lifestyle "nel bel paese".
This blog is about language learning in general and about the language learning company Learn With Oliver.
Member: Judith Meyer helps you learn languages. It's a hub for language courses and language-learning advice.
This is my blog where I am writing about my struggles with language learning.
Blog of italki teacher about the challenges of learning a language.
Member: Lindsay Dow
Lindsay Does Languages offers private language tuition via Skype. Lessons are open to all ages and abilities - despite what you may think, you're never too young or too old to start learning a language. is all about the art of learning languages. Learn how to learn and dramatically improve your foreign language acquisition ability.
This free language website is accessible through the Internet and free to anyone who needs to learn a language. Our students are refugees, volunteers, pupils, professionals, athletes, vacationers and students studying a new language.
A translator's journey - posting on things that I learn, experience and discover along the way.
Bringing you the best and fastest method for learning a language and take your business to the next level!
A brand new way to learn a language. We are a multi-lingual team with a passion for languages, and we speak more than 17 of them between us!
The adventures of a Chilean Historian understanding Polish language and culture... and more!
A blog dedicated to the wonders, big and small, of Australian writing.
Member: Kuba Wysocki
I'm inviting you to see what's going on on my blog! It's all about languages and language-like topics, but this, inevitably, brings us to life. Enjoy!
I love to learn languages and teach about learning languages and about cultures. This blog conveys my thoughts about the whys and hows of language-learning.
Member: Goli Dahesh
A blog of a bilingual, coffee-drinking mum showcasing her love of languages and her journey into becoming a polyglot.
Polyglot activist for indigenous people's rights.
Member: Idahosa Ness
The Mimic Method Language Blog covers topics from second language acquisition, to music cognition, to tips for learning Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and other languages.
"​I spend the day delightedly climbing atop cracked giant slabs of former glory, crawling around the ruined towers, and peering underneath shattered and lichen-encrusted paving material. The sun..."
Máirín is a polyglot from Scotland & writes about her experiences and gives advice in this language learning & travel blog.She has a special interest in minority languages. She sometimes writes posts in other languages as well as English.
This blog is for anyone interested in learning languages, no matter what level you're at. We write about both general language learning tips and techniques, and those specific to Vietnamese.
The globe-trotting adventures of a petite, polyglottal American.
Member: Jimmy Mello
My polyglot will take the interview to the next level, polyglots will be invited to use their target languages.
Member: Teddy Nee
Here is my language website where I write about my language learning experience.
Member: Sydney Sauer
This site is a pastime and resource for language lovers who aren't quite confident enough to call themselves a polyglot yet. It's for the polyglots in training
This blog was created for the number of reasons. First of all, to share my own experience in discovering things. Secondly, to practice languages. And finally, to meet interesting people.
Polyglot Nerd is a blog I write in Portuguese, Spanish and English to give tips, meet people interested in language learning and to be my own source of motivation.
Member: Robin Turtle
A blog about languages, multilingual living and cultural diversity
Blog where all Portuguese learners in the world can have access to unique language resources.
Language learning and travel blog by Alex Rawlings "Britain's most multilingual student". Tips, advice and stories to help you with your language learning journey.
Let's talk about foreign languages and cultures together! Get language learning tips, tricks, tools, videos, news, materials and so on to become fluent in no time!
Writing…in languages other than my own. This blog is strictly for writing practice only in the languages I'm studying.
There is the blog for Sekrety Poliglotów where we add articles on language learning and promote interesting events in Poland.
Member: Kyle Balmer
Sensible Chinese (formerly Hanzi WallChart) is a Chinese language learning blog. is all about helping you learn Spanish faster and more efficiently. Inside the vault, you'll find tips, resources, and inspiration.
Member: Adam Kotala
Visit our website and find out the easiest way to learn the foreign language plus read some interesting facts about your dream country!
Speaking Fluently offers you the chance to read about language learning tips and stories.
Exploring life in Italy & flexing Italian language skills one blog at a time (by a crazy language student).
This is where business ideas and love of language come together, I am glad to have the opportunity to share advice, experiences, and training with other language professionals.
Member: Alex Gentry
Mission: To aid everyone working on their language voyage in making their own path and taking charge for their own language learning.
Welcome to the Polyglot Dream. Here I'll share strategies to help you speak a foreign language fluently without taking a traditional language class and I'll show you how to develop a language core.
A linguist-by-hobby's outlet for thoughts, as well as news, about learning languages in the age of the Internet and the language learning community.
Polyglot, mnemonist and avid learner of about everything. Obsessed with making learning easier and faster. On the never-ending quest for perfect recall.
Member: Ofer Tirosh
Tomedes Smart Human Translation is a leading global translation service for businesses and companies all over the world.
Member: Elica Sue
An American college student studying Spanish and Portuguese who loves to travel and eat weird and new foods.
L'Unifianti e un lenguaj internacional auxilier i un comunitad global por l'intercambi d'ideas, l'art, le poesi, le cienza, le problemas global, i le filosofi. Vous potem parlar con popul di varie linhajes qi tambe sabem un lenguaj romanic. Visitai le conexios a le destro por resurses in vosre lenguaj. Merci!
"View From the Town" is a place for me to discuss various topics, ranging from language learning to language news to things going on in Parleremo.
Hacking Foreign Languages. Read the articles in the blog, come to my webinars and learn languages ​​quickly and happily. All in Russian.