The Digital Language Collective is a place where language and linguistic bloggers and website builders can come together to discuss topics, strategies, technologies, and essentially learn and work with each other to promote a broader and richer language learning community.

Since its inception at the start of 2015, the DLC has grown to a membership of over 180 like-minded language enthusiast who have worked to help their fellow learners. It is their contributions which continue to help and inspire this generation as well as the next.

If you have a language project or product and would like to join the DLC

We are language lovers and learners We are bloggers, writers, and website builders We are teachers and entrepreneurs

If just 5% of all language learners were to create a language resources for others for free, we would never need to buy another one again.

80% of all people believe completely made up statistics like the one above and this one, without question, especially when it has a nice picture to go along with it.

Project of the Day

If you've ever asked yourself: What's the best way to become fluent in a foreign language? How come some people learn languages so easily but I can't? You've found the right place!


I love the Digital Language Collective. It and its members are an excellent contribution to the language learning community.
The DLC has provided me and countless others with a directory of some of the best projects from fellow language lovers.
Withouth the DLC and what it provides, the world would be a much sadder, quieter place.
I laughed, I cried.

If you've got a language blog, book, website, or other project, and would like to join the DLC